The difference is hand-crafted.

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I’m Genevieve and I’m an web designer and illustrator.

I’ve been working as a professional digital designer for over fifteen years. I specialize in strategic, attractive and intuitive interfaces for websites & web applications.

I compliment my design career with custom illustrations. I take pride in handcrafting imagery that will transform your message into a unique image that can differentiate, sell, entertain and inspire.

Genevieve Kelly, self portrait, illustrator, web designer, graphic artist, Nova Scotia

How I can help you

Website Design

I specialize in front-end digital design with a solid understanding of usability and code. My websites are responsive, modern, and tailored to your specific needs. The process I’ve developed over a decade works with your target audience, visual appeal, brand and goals using industry best practices.


Unique illustrations tailored to your needs make a statement that sets you apart. Bespoke images represent the individuality of your brand, project or organization.

Hire an artist that designs each illustration from scratch. I license and sell work for surface design, and accept commissions for editorial, graphic design, corporate and advertising clients.

Get in touch to discuss licensing artwork or a custom illustration commission to convey your ideas.


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