Web Designer and Illustrator

Hello!  My name is Genevieve Kelly and I’m a digital designer and illustrator based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I’ve been a web designer for fifteen years specializing in crafting aesthetic, strategic and usable interfaces for websites & web applications. I compliment my digital career with illustration services for the fashion, advertising and surface pattern market. Come, take a look at my work, get in touch and learn more about me here.

How I can help you

Website Design

Services - Digital design, web design, web application design, application interface design

I design and develop websites and web application interfaces for tablet, mobile and desktop. My process considers your target audience, visual appeal, brand and goals while employing user centered best practices.


Services - Fine Art, Halifax Artist

My illustrations combine hand drawn artwork along with digital. I focus on artwork for the fashion, portrait, beauty, advertising and decor market. My surface pattern and textile designs work well on apparel, device cases and home items.  Get in touch to discuss a custom illustration commission, purchase prints or original artwork.