Bronze abstract flower painting

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Bronze painting collage flower art

Metallic floral painting

I started this painting with a completely different intention. After being unsatisfied and losing my vision I made a complete U-turn.

I initially wanted a piece about surface texture, but ended up with artwork about the push and pull of the picture plane. As in most of my art I like to consider the tension between representation and abstraction. Usually, I reference a recognizable object. Here there are flowers which seem to disintegrate into the background plane or push forward into the foreground. Some of the flowers are manipulated photographs of flowers in my garden. I removed the literalness of the photograph through digital techniques and later painting over the image, reducing the flower to shapes and brush strokes.

There are oppositions in this piece: digital, photographic, rendering, representation, abstraction, the illusion of depth, flatness and surface. This is a direction I’m going to pursue in a series of paintings, using the flower motif as my vehicle.

Bronze abstract painting in situ - staged.

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