Introspection portrait painting figurative art

'Introspection' portrait

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Collage fashion illustration 'Introspection' embodies  my preoccupation with reconciling divergent art approaches. I went through a phase during my graduation year at university where I only painted in black and white, and focusing…
Fashion illustration Muccia Prada inspired drawing

'Not Cinderella' fashion illustration

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Prada fashion portrait This fashion illustration was inspired by the Muccia Prada Spring 2006 collection. Prada is one of my favorite fashion designers.  I love the intellectual and experimental approach of her clothes. She's not afraid…
Posh with rose fashion illustration

Posh portrait illustration

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Watercolor painting of Victoria Beckham This watercolor fashion illustration was inspired by fashion designer Victoria Beckham the recollection of a piece of clothing I saw on a model. I was interested in capturing the impression and idea…

In the garden painting

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Mixed media floral landscape When I paint, I think a lot about texture, surface and the materials. I like to mix jarring media together and force myself to resolve disparate elements into a whole. Found objects and paintings on paintings This…
Art metallic orchid flower collage detail

Randomness: silver orchid floral collage

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Mixed media dried flower painting While waiting for a more ambitious piece to dry I noticed the beauty of some scrap elements on my desk. An artist I know once said sometimes the palette is better than the painting. Arranged by happenstance,…
Detail of bronze purple floral collage painting

Bronze floral abstract painting

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Metallic collage painting I'm mixing representational and organic elements, such as the flower motif, with more abstract collage elements floating on top of the picture plane, such as the rectangle elements. Matte areas are contrasted with…
Bronze painting collage flower art

Bronze abstract flower painting

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Metallic floral painting I started this painting with a completely different intention. After being unsatisfied and losing my vision I made a complete U-turn. I initially wanted a piece about surface texture, but ended up with artwork…
Nature inspired floral collage artwork

Nature inspired collage

Mixed media flower art I try and capture the beauty of flowers just as they are beginning to fade. I love dried flowers and their dusty colors. I took photographs of a flower basket outside my front steps and digitally manipulated the images.…
Fashion illustration, woman with birds

Woman with birds fashion illustration

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This piece concerned with the tension between figurative representation and abstraction. I consider the surface I'm working on, as well as the inherent beauty of the materials as much if not more than the subject. I'm interested in unusual…

'Night Garden' collage

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Fall collage As the fall turns to winter the days become darker and so does my artwork. This collage is inspired by the transition of seasons and the moment between day and night. I have been using a lot of metallic paints and spray…