Fashion illustration purple and gold woman Instagram takeover for The Well

The Well Instagram Takeover - Fashion Illustration Process

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My fashion illustration process Today I took over The Well's Instagram account. I walked through a typical day showing a behind-the-scenes look at my illustration process. I start out with the basic elements. I always work in traditional…

Ruby-throated Hummingbird & Blossom Giclée Print

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Watercolor hummingbird and flower fine art print This ruby-throated hummingbird and flower Giclée print was several illustrations combined together digitally. I was looking  to bring together my favorite things - delicate loose sketchy drawings,…
Black violet fine art painting

Violet triptych painting 3/3

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Black flower painting This is painting number three of a triptych of small 8 X 10" pieces where I use spray paint, metallic paint (gold and black in this case) and acrylic to further abstract a digitally altered photo of an African Violet…
Pillow pattern painting artwork

Painterly pillow pattern

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Watercolor painted pillow case artwork The watercolor prints are hand painted then digitized and turned into repeating patterns for fabric. I love patterns and artwork on fabric where you can see the hand of the artist or designer in the…

Metallic floral painting

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Violets by my table A potted pink violet by my window is the humble subject of many of my pieces. I digitally manipulated my photo and painted over it with acrylic and spray paint, obscuring the literal image to create a sense of abstr…

Blur floral painting and pillow

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Blur floral photo painting I've long been interested in incorporating photography into my paintings. I don't enjoy copying photographs but I like to use photographic elements in my work. As a legacy from my darkroom days I want to modify…
Hydrangea, Art - ink jet print over acrylic painting

'Pink Woman' fashion illustration

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A fashion portrait. I used scraps from around my art studio to come up with this pink lady fashion illustration. She went through a lot of art evolution to get here. I decided to use some left over 'scraps' around the studio to make…
Fashion illustration portrait of Karlie Kloss

Portrait of Karlie Kloss

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Fashion illustration of Karlie Kloss I came across beautiful photo of model Karlie Kloss. I used it as launching point for a fashion illustration and subject for a portrait drawing. I recently bought myself some metallic pencil crayons and…
Abstract mauve gold painting art

Metallic abstract painting

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Floral abstract A small paper painting over a photograph reducing the floral theme to abstract elements.  
Detail -Collage painting artwork of flowers

Digital floral abstract art

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Abstract flower collage This was my first floral collage incorporating photography. My intention was to reduce the flowers and foliage to the semi-representational, abstracted shapes and colors. I made a series of related art pieces from…