Fashion illustration purple and gold woman Instagram takeover for The Well

The Well Instagram Takeover - Fashion Illustration Process

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My fashion illustration process Today I took over The Well's Instagram account. I walked through a typical day showing a behind-the-scenes look at my illustration process. I start out with the basic elements. I always work in traditional…
Hummingbird tote bag surface pattern design

Day tote hummingbird surface pattern

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I've designed a day tote that is as pretty as it is utilitarian. Both sides feature a two variations of the design with a hummingbird pattern repeated in the interior. A great thing about this bag construction is it works really well on a bike.…
Illustration tutorial process hummingbird painting

Hummingbird illustration painting process

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Hummingbird illustration step by step I thought I'd share a little bit of my illustration process. This hummingbird gouache painting is a surface pattern element for silk scarves. I'll take you along on my art journey and post as I complete…
Pink hand stitched t-shirt sequin beaded top slow fashion

Sequin & bead reverse appliqué hand-stitched top

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Hand-made, reverse appliqué, sleeveless top I hand dyed T-shirt material and cut out reverse appliqué in foliage motifs. As a girl who loves bling, I had to have my hit of sequins and beads for sparkle. I love the contrast between humble…
Hand stiched appliqué corset T-shirt top

Hand stitched leaf appliqué T-shirt corset top

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Taking it slow.. slow fashion I have a life-long love of fashion and hand craft. I combined these interests by hand sewing tops from discarded T-shirt material with elaborate beading. I like to think about the days before factory garments.…
Butterfly hand made top with sequins

Raw edge butterfly hand made tank top

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Exposed seam and reverse appliqué hand made tank top This sweet hand made tank top was fashioned out of scraps of discarded T-shirt material. I was looking for ways to use the spoilage from other clothing designs, and came up with the…

Fall foliage hand stitched appliqué vest

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Reverse appliqué burgundy hand made top I made this hand-stitched vest top inspired by fall foliage and crafted by hand out of T-shirt material. What I like about this top is it is smack in between casual and dressy. I can see it dressed…

Blur floral painting and pillow

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Blur floral photo painting I've long been interested in incorporating photography into my paintings. I don't enjoy copying photographs but I like to use photographic elements in my work. As a legacy from my darkroom days I want to modify…
Tea soaked fabric flowers

Tea dyed corset hand made top

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Hand stitched flower corset I soaked fabric in black tea to give it a soft, aged patina. Fabric circles and beads create as flower petals. The jersey top is stitched in a high/low fashion corset style. I left the edges ragged and exposed…
Hand made fashion top with loose threads and beads

Reverse appliqué beaded raw thread top

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Loose thread embellished hand made top I was inspired by fashion designer Natalie Chanin and her philosophy or zero waste, local production and unapologetic aesthetic of loose threads. I started thinking that the the things I like about…