Fashion illustration purple and gold woman Instagram takeover for The Well

The Well Instagram Takeover - Fashion Illustration Process

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My fashion illustration process Today I took over The Well's Instagram account. I walked through a typical day showing a behind-the-scenes look at my illustration process. I start out with the basic elements. I always work in traditional…
Twitter interview with Halifax designers and illustrators for The Well Creative Consultants

Design & Illustration Twitter Interview with The Well Creative Consultants

Twitter specialist chat I was invited to take part in a recent The Well Twitter interview with other Halifax illustrators and design specialists. We talked about the creative process, getting out of design ruts, the difference between designers…
Illustration tutorial process hummingbird painting

Hummingbird illustration painting process

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Hummingbird illustration step by step I thought I'd share a little bit of my illustration process. This hummingbird gouache painting is a surface pattern element for silk scarves. I'll take you along on my art journey and post as I complete…
Butterfly watercolor giclee print illustration

Butterfly watercolor giclée print

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Butterfly fine art print Every season I am inspired to look to nature for what to paint. I never tire of the nature's infinite combinations of color, texture and line. An artist can't keep up. I love all the seemingly perfect random combinations.…
Contemporary floral collage art, Halifax, Nova Scotia artist

Purple floral flower cut outs

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Flower photo collage A big influence in my art and life is the nature that surrounds me. I live in a semi-rural part of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I see the same lining of trees behind my house every time I pull into my driveway, but rarely…
Landscape illustration, trees and folliage

Watercolor landscape doodles

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Abstract foliage illustration These are landscape doodles. Without any aim these  illustrations are mark making and color experiments with watercolor and gouache paint on paper. It’s very satisfying see paint flow unpredictably on the…
Detail -Collage painting artwork of flowers

Digital floral abstract art

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Abstract flower collage This was my first floral collage incorporating photography. My intention was to reduce the flowers and foliage to the semi-representational, abstracted shapes and colors. I made a series of related art pieces from…
Floral art photo collage

Spray paint and ripped violet photos

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Spray paint and ripped flower photos Inspired by some freshly picked flowers at my table I made a floral collage from torn ink jet photos, lots of spray paint, acrylic and hand drawn embellishments. I think the messy process mirrors the beautiful…
Floral collage cubism art

Ripped flower collage

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Floral photo collage I moved into my present house a few years ago. The kitchen walls were bare and the house didn't feel like home without art. So being an artist I commissioned myself to  create artwork for my vacant space. Houses devoid…