Dried flowers & gold collage

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Floral collage fine art, Halifax artist

Experimenting with gold leaf & dried flowers on ink jet photos

When I start a piece of artwork, I think about what I really like, things I’ve seen. Maybe I recall an element of another painting, a flower or a motif on a piece of clothing, a pattern of tile or a view. I happen to love the color purple. Here I am thinking about all the gold leaf artwork I’ve loved, such as Gustav Klimt’s earlier paintings. I’m inspired by my own garden.

Lilac and gold collage art, Halifax artist

I originally wanted to be a photographer, and often incorporate my own photos into my artwork. I have a hill of wild flowers and shrubs in my yard and took pictures of them, manipulated them in Photoshop with gradients, and printed them out on painted and textured swatches of paper. Parts of this piece blur the line between digital art and traditional craft, abstract and representational art, traditional photography and painting. I used the repeating pattern of the flower motif to create unity. I used the accident of a spray painted notebook page as a chance element.

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