‘Pink Woman’ fashion illustration

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A fashion portrait.

Pink lady fashion illustration collage artwork, Halifax illustrator

I used scraps from around my art studio to come up with this pink lady fashion illustration. She went through a lot of art evolution to get here.

I decided to use some left over ‘scraps’ around the studio to make a quick rendering. My pink lady started off being a drawing and ended up here instead. (Here’s a process shot below).

Fashion illustration drawing collage work in progress

Many parts have been added and subtracted as I go through the process. Every art piece I make is like an excavation. I’m looking for something but I don’t know what it is. That’s the struggle. I covered up my initial because I felt the drawing was too predictable. I had to add and pull back again.

Detail of fashion illustration collage of metallic and pink woman

The painting is made with acrylic paint, metallic spray paint, pencil, pencil crayon, graphite, collage elements on paper.

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