Blur floral painting and pillow

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Blur floral photo painting

Floral artwork pillow for decor

I’ve long been interested in incorporating photography into my paintings. I don’t enjoy copying photographs but I like to use photographic elements in my work. As a legacy from my darkroom days I want to modify the so-called reality of the photograph. I was never satisfied with the perfect print, the completely sharp image. I prefer defects like blur, spots, long exposures and detail contrasted with blown out whites and heavy black voids. I like entering into the detail and representational aspect of photography, but don’t want the literalness, so I try and destroy that illusion but also improve on reality.

This artwork’s ingredients: digitally manipulated photo of a bouquet of flowers on my table, metallic paint, spray paint, watercolor, and acrylic paint on paper.

Decor framed floral photo painting artwork

This painterly pillow is available for purchase at my artist’s collection on the Art of Where shop.

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