Hand stitched leaf appliqué T-shirt corset top

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Taking it slow.. slow fashion

Hand stiched applique T-shirt topI have a life-long love of fashion and hand craft. I combined these interests by hand sewing tops from discarded T-shirt material with elaborate beading. I like to think about the days before factory garments. I like to step back from the assembly line and create clothing how it was done throughout most of human history. Hand sewing is a lost art. I think a lot of people try to recapture the craft by knitting. I find hand made clothes have a very different look than factory produced garments.

There’s a story to this top. I didn’t have a plan when I started. I used what I found in my sewing kit. I enjoy the process of creating and discovering what the final piece will become. I find that uniqueness more interesting than what you find in the mall.

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