In the garden painting

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Mixed media floral landscape

When I paint, I think a lot about texture, surface and the materials. I like to mix jarring media together and force myself to resolve disparate elements into a whole.

Found objects and paintings on paintings

This piece started off as a different painting and changed direction to become something new. I created a blank canvas of highly textured found elements and remnants around my studio, such as paper towel, paper scraps, and modelling past from my first attempt. I digitally altered and tore up small photographs of flowers from my garden. I painted over these photos, ripped them and integrated them into the highly textured white surface. I then added paint over the entire field, allowing the paint to pool into the cracks. I repeated this process of layering several times, with both watery thin and thick impasto acrylic. Lastly, I added dried molded metallic paint and spray paint.

My intention was to create a beauty of materials and abstraction that forms the impression of a garden landscape.In the garden, painting, texture detailIn the garden, painting, texture detail

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