Pillow pattern painting artwork

Painterly pillow pattern

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Watercolor painted pillow case artwork The watercolor prints are hand painted then digitized and turned into repeating patterns for fabric. I love patterns and artwork on fabric where you can see the hand of the artist or designer in the…

Metallic floral painting

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Violets by my table A potted pink violet by my window is the humble subject of many of my pieces. I digitally manipulated my photo and painted over it with acrylic and spray paint, obscuring the literal image to create a sense of abstr…

Blur floral painting and pillow

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Blur floral photo painting I've long been interested in incorporating photography into my paintings. I don't enjoy copying photographs but I like to use photographic elements in my work. As a legacy from my darkroom days I want to modify…

In the garden painting

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Mixed media floral landscape When I paint, I think a lot about texture, surface and the materials. I like to mix jarring media together and force myself to resolve disparate elements into a whole. Found objects and paintings on paintings This…
Art metallic orchid flower collage detail

Randomness: silver orchid floral collage

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Mixed media dried flower painting While waiting for a more ambitious piece to dry I noticed the beauty of some scrap elements on my desk. An artist I know once said sometimes the palette is better than the painting. Arranged by happenstance,…
Detail of bronze purple floral collage painting

Bronze floral abstract painting

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Metallic collage painting I'm mixing representational and organic elements, such as the flower motif, with more abstract collage elements floating on top of the picture plane, such as the rectangle elements. Matte areas are contrasted with…
Bronze painting collage flower art

Bronze abstract flower painting

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Metallic floral painting I started this painting with a completely different intention. After being unsatisfied and losing my vision I made a complete U-turn. I initially wanted a piece about surface texture, but ended up with artwork…
Nature inspired floral collage artwork

Nature inspired collage

Mixed media flower art I try and capture the beauty of flowers just as they are beginning to fade. I love dried flowers and their dusty colors. I took photographs of a flower basket outside my front steps and digitally manipulated the images.…
Fashion illustration, woman with birds

Woman with birds fashion illustration

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This piece concerned with the tension between figurative representation and abstraction. I consider the surface I'm working on, as well as the inherent beauty of the materials as much if not more than the subject. I'm interested in unusual…
Tea soaked fabric flowers

Tea dyed corset hand made top

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Hand stitched flower corset I soaked fabric in black tea to give it a soft, aged patina. Fabric circles and beads create as flower petals. The jersey top is stitched in a high/low fashion corset style. I left the edges ragged and exposed…