Lupine watercolor drawing

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Flower watercolor and pencil drawings

LupinLupin flower watercolor painting

Back in 2010 I was wanted to begin drawing again but didn’t have any subject matter. I decided to start small and sought inspiration in my yard. Lupines grow wild here in Nova Scotia. I took out my paper pad and made these pieces en plein air.

The other flower was in a basket outside. I’m a poor horticulturalist, and seldom remember the names of plants, flowers and trees. The purple flowers elude me.

I used watercolor pencil crayons, so when the drawing was looking too much like a rendering I took out my brush and wet the lines. I love watercolor, although it is an incredibly unforgiving painting medium. I like the motion smudge creates, and takes it out of the realm of faithful copying.

Flower watercolor pencil crayon drawing

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