Lilac and gold glass bead molded painting

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Found objects in purple

Lilac art collage painting, Halifax artist

I’m working on a series of highly textured collage paintings using a lilac and gold colour scheme. Glued to the surface are digitally manipulated photos of flowers printed on distressed and pre-painted paper. My inkjet printer is getting a lot of play. Dried and decaying orchid leaves are incorporated into the surface. By accident I found a metallic ring of dried acrylic paint forms. I was struck by how easily the paint is molded into a shape and saw sculptural possibilities. I glued the dried paint objects onto the surface, adding to the mix of spray paint, metallic elements and glass beads.

Lilac art collage painting, Halifax artist detail

I’ve always been very connected to the process of making art. The experimental and happy accidents I respond to, with no particular destination, are what propel me to continue.

Lilac art collage painting, Halifax artist detail

Lilac and gold painting collage, mixed media on 11 X 14″ on 98 lb paper.


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