Purple Peek

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Metallic collage cut out painting

Lilac collage cut out art‘Purple Peek’ is a piece in a larger body of work considering the beauty of decay, fragility of life and the effect of time on all elements.

This painting employs a new technique I discovered by accident – the ‘peek hole’. My favorite element is a former paper scrap. The hole lets the paper or canvas material below show through to the other side.

Rich textures, such as dried lavender orchid leaves, gold leaf, metallic paint and tiny glass beads are added to the surface. Behind the paper is a second image cut out of a circle, “peeking” through to create a unified whole.

This piece appeals to one of my major artistic themes – introducing the random and spontaneous into a piece. It was an a-ha moment for me and the beginning of a new artistic technique.Detail of orchid stencil collage art

‘Purple peek hole (cut out)’ (lilac and gold painting collage series) collage, spray paint, orchid leaves, mixed media on 18 X 24″ on paper.

Detail of collage painting in lilac gold series

Detail of artwork with dried orchid leaves and digital photo overlaid with spray paint and acrylic.

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