Posh portrait illustration

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Watercolor painting of Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Posh Spice Fashion Illustration

This watercolor fashion illustration was inspired by fashion designer Victoria Beckham the recollection of a piece of clothing I saw on a model. I was interested in capturing the impression and idea of the person while allowing the materials to dictate the visual direction.

I added on the bottom half of the illustration with a new (and different type) of paper. I don’t like to plan my artwork out too much. I prefer to respond to the mark making organically, and let the solution evolve out of the painting. I started painting her clothing and wanted to see more, so tacked on a second half. I like the idea of challenging the borders of a painting and where it ends. I’d like to push this idea much further in future.

Giclée Print

This posh lady is available as a Giclée fine art print, framed or unframed, at my Society 6 shop.


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