Red Hydrangea Collage

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Floral photo collage with found objects

Red hydrangea collage art - Halifax artist

I’m always interested in happy accidents and the process of art making. Lately I’ve been using scraps, found objects, left overs and other byproducts of art making in my collages. I re-purpose the discarded elements. Look closely and you will see a tea bag wrapper next to a scrap of metallic tape or a note book end.

I don’t censor what goes on my paper. I think, ‘how can I make this work?’.

I look down at my art studio floor and I find something new in what was left behind. I love the unintentional. I think finding something is as exciting as creating something. I believe finding and seeing is creating. I want the beauty in left behind. Life is accepting chance and rolling with the randomness. For me, my art technique is an interesting metaphor for life.

Detail of red hydrangea collage art

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