Introspection portrait painting figurative art

'Introspection' portrait

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Collage fashion illustration 'Introspection' embodies  my preoccupation with reconciling divergent art approaches. I went through a phase during my graduation year at university where I only painted in black and white, and focusing…
Fashion illustration Muccia Prada inspired drawing

'Not Cinderella' fashion illustration

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Prada fashion portrait This fashion illustration was inspired by the Muccia Prada Spring 2006 collection. Prada is one of my favorite fashion designers.  I love the intellectual and experimental approach of her clothes. She's not afraid…
Fashion illustration, woman with birds

Woman with birds fashion illustration

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This piece concerned with the tension between figurative representation and abstraction. I consider the surface I'm working on, as well as the inherent beauty of the materials as much if not more than the subject. I'm interested in unusual…